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Creating variable repeaters

If you are planning to make a logotype that consists of the name of your project combined with a visual element then what you will be looking for is an icon that symbolizes your project in a very clear way.

The last thing we want to do therefore, is to make a picture. Symbols are not pictures, they are visual condensations of a concept, an idea, an activity. While pictures tell stories that are part of a timeline, symbols show a single condensed instance - there is no "before" and "after". Symbols therefore give an indirect or abstract reference to what it is that they represent, they do not tell stories. Big big difference from a picture, and you should be aware of this difference so that you don’t end up painting pictures instead of making a logo symbol or an icon. 

The icons below should give you an idea as to what it is that we are in search of: Very light on detail, clear form, good volume, and visual definition. 

A selection of the cat icons found on the Noun Project which were then used in various logo combinations.

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