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Creating Content for Your Site

So, what will your site be all about?

Do you have a hobby that you want to talk about? Are you active in an area of sports? Are you into a certain type of music? Do you love animals? Cats maybe? Do you have social interests / concerns? Are you an artist who wants to showcase their work? A poet? Do you take an interest in growing your own food? Travel? Archeology? Astrology? Astronomy? Computers? Are you a gamer? Are you into cooking - even inventing your own recipes that you want to share? Or do you just want to blog about all sorts of things, but you want to do this in a well designed, aesthetic manner?

Or are you a business owner who wants to promote their products or services? Or do you want to go all the way and set up a shopping site?

There are  a lot of reasons or topics that one may have to want to set up a website.


Once you have formulated your ideas, you will need to create a site map in order to get a better handle on how your content will get distributed and hierarchized across your site. The mindmap above was made by former SU student Seymur Malikov whose site was about his own Origami practice.

A really good way to do this is by using a mindmaping software. Lots of them online, one of the best ones I found is edrawmind, but Canva also offers you some nice templates to work with.

After you have created an outline map what you will need to do next is writing the text that will fill your pages. You absolutely need to do this because, as I already talked about at length in the 2 videos above, there is no way that you can create a work of graphic design without text and without content. So, before you go into the web editor you need to have the stuff that you will be placing there ready to hand. 

You can write the text on any text software but a good one to use is google docs where you can also re-create the pages that you decided upon in your site map as bookmarks using the different headings. Again, you will see some pointers as to how to do that in the first video above.

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